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There is nothing that can make a shopkeeper’s face light up so much as impulse sales – especially when the profit margins are through the roof!

This is why so many store owners are now installing slush machines in their premises because people come into the shop for something and then see the lovely ice cold drinks on the counter – right next to the till in many cases – and realise that there is nothing more that they would like right now than a lovely cold fruit drink. Bingo! Extra profit for virtually nothing!

Of course, we won’t pretend that this works for all businesses. If you sell beds, for instance, you are not going to have a steady stream of foot traffic. However, if you run a newsagent, a café, a garden centre, a convenience store, or one of many others, then a slush machine on your counter will produce extra profit with no work.

That’s the beauty of it: you don’t have to do anything at all. (Well, you do have to clean the machine once a week, but that’s about the extent of it). It just sits there on your counter and sells itself.

What’s more, at Us4slush we can let you have a slush machine that will cost you nothing at all!

It works like this: you buy a slush machine from us. We supply the top rated Italian CAB machines in two or three bowl sizes. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay for it in cash because we have finance available and it can work out at just £11.37 per week. When you consider that you can make £20 or £30 pure profit in ten minutes when the kids come out of school that has to be good business.

However, here is the killer: when we send you the slush machine we ALSO send you enough supplies of slush machine syrup, cups, and straws to cover the cost of the machine – all FREE OF CHARGE! Once you have sold that it is all profit from that moment forward. Where can you possibly get a better deal than that?

Could this be why Us4slush is regarded as the top slush supplier in the country?

However we don’t make claims about our slush products just to try to impress you. We understand that you are in business in the same way that we are and we respect that. What you will be pleased to know is that the profit margins on our syrups are higher than any other supplier in the country. If you sell our slush drinks at our recommended minimum retail price, every bottle of slush syrup will make you – give or take – £100 profit.

All for doing nothing other than letting the machine sit there and do the selling for you!

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