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The CAB Skyline slush machine is one of the most reliable slush machines on the market.
A basic design with no troublesome electronics that other machines suffer from.
These slush machines are so easy to repair and maintain we are the only company that will help you fix it yourself.
In the following pages we have listed some of the most common problems with instructions on how to make repairs and parts that may be required.
From the list below choose the fault and click the link for a solution.




Dispensing tap Dripping

Seals worn or damaged
Tap worn or damaged
Bowl damaged

Clean the machine weekly and replace the seals annually.
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Syrup leaking from rear of bowl
Drip tray filling from overflow pipe

Seal worn or damaged
Bowl damaged

Clean the machine weekly and replace the seals annually. (As above)
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Syrup leaking and appearing under the machine.

Spiral back seal worn or damaged
Bowl inner bush missing

Spiral not turning

Gearbox / motor damaged
Brass connecting sleeve split
Electrical fault.
Spiral end damaged

One bowl not freezing or over freezing
Other bowls working fine

Consistency regulator not setup correctly
Week spring on consistency regulator
Solenoid coil faulty
Solenoid valve faulty
Micro switch faulty
Weak or damaged gearbox motor assembly
Incorrect water to syrup ratio.

Machine takes a long time to freeze or does not freeze at all.

Condensor dirty or blocked
Fan not working
Low on gas
Compressor is faulty

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