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One bowl not freezing or over freezing (other bowls working fine).

To resolve this problem its benificial to undrstand how the refrigration works on a slush machine.
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The refrigeration gas flow for each bowl is controlled by its own solenoid valve.
(2 bowl = 2 solenoids 3 bowl = 3 solenoids etc)
The solenoid valve comprises of 2 components, the mechanical valve and the electro coil.
The valve is normally closed until energized by the coil to open it and allow the refrigeration gas to flow to the bowl evaporator.


The solenoid valve is energized via the micro switch that is controlled by the consistency regulator.
The gearbox motor that drives the spiral rests against the micro switch to close the circuit to energize the coil. As the product stiffens (freezes) the gearbox motor pivots away from the micro switch, this breaks the circuit and stops the flow of gas through the solenoid valve.

On the opposite side of the motor is the consistency regulator. This controls the stiffness of the product. Adjusting this to “plus” strengthens the spring making it harder for the motor to move away from the micro switch resulting in a stiffer product. Adjusting to minus results in a softer product.


Dry test & check the consistency regulator set up.
First empty the machine and remove the bowl and auger spiral.
Remove the lower rear panel to reveal the lower part of the gear box motor.
With the machine switched on slowly and gently rock the gearbox body left to right to activate the micro switch.
listen carefully a click from both the micro switch and the solenoid coil should be heard.

Not Freezing
Leave the machine running for about 10 minutes after which ice should form along 80% of the evaporator.
If yes then its a case of the regulator not being set correctly.
(See setting up the consistency regulator here)

Over Freezing
wedge the motor away from the micro switch and leave running for 10 minutes. No ice should form on the evaporator.
(See setting up the consistency regulator here)


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Check electrical currant is reaching the coil from the micro switch
and is going on and off with the micro switch movement.
If yes the problem is either the coil or mechanical valve.
The mechanical valve can only be replaced by a qualyfied refridgeration engineer.


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