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Product takes a long time to freeze

First make sure the correct solution is in the machine, the incorrect syrup to water ratio will change the freezing characteristics of the product.
A slush machine will not freeze water!


Fan motor not working or insufficient air flow.

Its possible you can hear the fan running but this may not be the case, If the fan is not spinning correctly the freezing time will either increase or it may not freeze at all.
Remove the back panels to check.
A quick cheat is to place a piece of paper on the left hand “Side” panel. If the fan is working correctly the paper will stick.
Click here for demonstration.

Check air flow arrond the machine, there must be at least 50mm gap all around the machine. More is preferable.


Dirty or blocked condensor.
(This is the biggest cause of freezing malfunction)

The cooling fan sucks air through the condenser and with it lots of dirt, dust and grease resulting in an airflow issue.
The condenser should be cleaned regularly as part of your cleaning schedule.
However, they can still get blocked and need a more detailed clean.
Using compressed air blow the dust out of the condenser removing as much dirt as you can.
This is usually enough to clear it.
If it is particularly greasy a service engineer will need to carry out a deep clean.
Click here for demonstration.





Refrigeration system low on gas or the compressor is faulty.
This means there is a leak that must be fixed. Call a commercial refrigeration engineer.




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