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Free on loan Slush machine for your event.

A Slush machine is a great way of raising funds but are so expensive that they are often not viable for fund raising events. Free on loan slush machines are available to retailers with conditions that a fixed quantity of slush syrup is purchased during the term of the contract. This also makes it difficult for schools or charities to have a slush machine at their event.

There are some party companies that offer services with slush machines on loan where they pay a percentage of the takings to the charity. This can be an option but the down side is the percentage.
They may offer up to 20% but the other 80% is for the owner operator of the slush machine.
This may not seem so bad but when you work out that people only have a fixed amount of disposable income to spend at the school or charity event so for every £1.00 spent with a private operator that’s 80p that could have gone to the school or charity funds.

There is a free on loan slush machine solution available from Us 4 Slush Limited in Poole Dorset.
Us 4 Slush has available a free on loan slush machine for your fund-raising event. The loan is not only free but so is the stock. The Brand Sir-Lush provides a free on loan machine, a volunteer or two to manage it plus donates 100% of the days taking to the school or charity holding the event.

Yes, that’s correct, 100% of the takings, not profit.
Us 4 Slush provides everything you need to raise money. A 3-bowl slush machine, all the syrup, cups and straws, plus staff to sell the product at you event absolutely free.

Do you have a fund raising event and would like a slush machine present?
Just visit the www.sir-lush.co.uk for details.

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