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How do I use Slush Syrup?

Slush Syrup is a solution or concentrate that is used to make many flavours of slush puppie style drinks. Everybody loves a slush drink on a warm summers day and having a slush machine in your shop can greatly improve your turnover and profits. All you need is an Italian made slush machine and Sir-Lush slush syrup. The slush syrup is easy to use! All you need to do is dilute the slush syrup with the correct amount of water and put it in your slush machine. Making sure you use the correct water to syrup ratio is important. Sir-Lush slush syrup is diluted at a ratio of six to one given you maximum flavour and maximum profit. But what does a ratio of six to one mean when mixing slush syrup? It means whatever measure you use for the syrup you must use the same measure six times of water. So, if you use a one litre jug to measure your slush syrup then you must fill the same jug six times with water. Its as easy as that. Then just switch the slush machine on and wait for it to freeze. With an Italian made CAB Skyline slush machine like those that we sell at Us 4 Slush Limited your slush drink should be ready in about forty minutes. Now watch the customers faces when they take that first sip of your newly made slush drink, they will be coming back for more. Don’t forget to tell your friends and share on twitter with #sir-lush #sirlush We can also be found on Facebook.
And don’t forget to leave us a review on yell! Summer is here we are getting excited about serving our Sir-lush slush syrup to all of our happy retailers. Only the very best slush syrup will do.

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