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How much water do I use to dilute slush concentrate?

How much water to use to dilute your slush syrup depends on the manufacture of the syrup.
It is however very important that you use the correct dilution ratio that is recommended on the label because using to much water can make the product over freeze and result in damage to your slush machine.
To little water and the product will not freeze enough and result in a very strong flavour that will also be too sweet on the tongue.

Why would too much water dilution in slush syrup damage the machine?

Slush machines work on the consistency on the lush drink not the temperature. The motor of the slush machine turns the product to keep it moving and when it gets to the correct consistency the body of the motor moves away from a microswitch that in turn deactivates the power to a coil that controls the flow of the refrigerant. If there is too much water, there is a risk that the product could freeze too hard and damage the moving parts of the motor.

How much water should I put into Sir-Lush slush syrup?

The slush syrup supplied by us 4 slush Limited under the brand of sir-lush is diluted at a ratio of 6-1.
This means for every one measure of syrup you use you must use six of the same measure of water.

The slush syrups supplied by Us 4 Slush have been specially formulated to give maximum flavour and mouth feel to the consumer and to hold its flavour right to the bottom of the cup. Making sure you put the correct amount of water with the slush concentrate will always ensure you are giving the very best slush puppie style drink to your customers.

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