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Slush Machines

Strawberry Slush Drinks Syrup
slush Syrup

Great flavour slush with added real fruit
Real Fruit
Slush Syrup

Slush cups used for ice drinks perfect foe slush drinkd
Slush Cups

Spoon straws mixed colours for slush. you can't drink a slush withiut a spoon straw

Split two flavour slush cup  Twisted yard slush puppy cup
Novelty Cups

poster sir lush with red strawberry and raspberry slush cup
Posters  Flags

Tube of petrol gel is used to lubricate ice cream machines and slush machines
Petrol Gel & machine parts

Map of where we deliver your slush

Increase impulse sales and maximize profits by offering refills,
these novelty cups are a sure winner.
Twisted Slush Yard, Football Slush Cup, Split 2 flavour slush cup, Bikini Slush cup.
As you know, during the past two years, supply of novelty cups has been a bit sporadic.
This is mostly due to the amount of space they take up.

It is impossible for us to buy and store enough for everybody, also, nobody wants them until the sun shines so when that happens
they sell out very fast, leaving us with none until the next delivery. this can be 6 - 8 weeks or more.
This has been frustrating for allot of customers to say the least.

We are now offering the option of pre-ordering at a discount so you don't miss out.

Click the cups your require for details

Twisted yard slush puppy cup
In Stock
Mini twist 12oz
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Recommended Retail Price?
Based on what my customers have told me
all these cups sell well @ between 1.99 - 2.99
with refills @ around 1.25 - 1.75
This of course varies from shop to shop and location to location. Its just a guide.

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