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Slush Machines

Strawberry Slush Drinks Syrup
slush Syrup

Great flavour slush with added real fruit
Real Fruit
Slush Syrup

Slush cups used for ice drinks perfect foe slush drinkd
Slush Cups

Spoon straws mixed colours for slush. you can't drink a slush withiut a spoon straw

Split two flavour slush cup  Twisted yard slush puppy cup
Novelty Cups

poster sir lush with red strawberry and raspberry slush cup
Posters  Flags

Tube of petrol gel is used to lubricate ice cream machines and slush machines
Petrol Gel & machine parts

Map of where we deliver your slush

The split cup holds 2 flavours of slush drink separately, with a unique double straw the flavour burst happens in your mouth. These are great for re fills at fair grounds and events. A huge success where lots of kids are around, most favourd by our soft play customers.

split cup

12oz Split Cup Case of 96 Lids mixed colours.
1 case = 55.00
2 cases or more = 49.95 per case.
10 cases or more = 44.95 per case.
20 cases or more = 39.95 Per case


Quantity :

12oz Split Cup case 96 per box.

Normal price (when in stock)
49.95 per box For delivery now
Expected Early June



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Discounts are per order as follows
Pre-order 9 boxes or less @ 44.95 per box
Pre-order 10 boxes or over @ 39.95 per box.

  • Pre-ordering
  • Very important, Please read this first
  • If you are ordering other items from our website, this must be done as a separate order
  • If you want to Pre-order from more than one delivery date these also have to be done as separate orders.
  • Below delivery dates are estimates.
  • All discounted Pre-orders must be paid for at time of order. (they will not be reserved otherwise)
  • Pre orders cannot be canceled (see terms and conditions 4.5 & 8.1)
  • Discounts apply to each order not a combination and may be withdrawn without notice
  • Pre-order 9 boxes or less @ 44.95 per box
  • Pre-order 10 boxes or over @ 39.95 per box.

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For delivery 30th March



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For delivery 30th April



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For delivery 30th May



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For delivery 30th June



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For delivery 30th July



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For delivery 30th August



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