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At Us4slush we are great believers in doing everything we possibly can to help the environment. As responsible businessmen and women we are sure that our customers also feel exactly the same. After all, we only have one environment, and anything that we can do to preserve it – not just for ourselves but for future generations – is not just something that we “should” do, but something that we MUST do.

To be fair, it is likely that the vast majority of us had no idea of the damage that waste plastic was causing, but in recent times we have read in the press of the appalling effect that plastic waste is having on the environment, and especially on marine life and on our beaches. In particular, the Daily Mail has led the campaign to reduce our use of plastic bags, and the introduction of the 5p charge has reduced the number used by an enormous proportion.

Plastic straws have been one of the items that have contributed to the mass of plastic waste, and last year, the pub chain J D Wetherspoon banned plastic straws from all its 900 pubs in September. By January none had any plastic straws. That’s 70 million less plastic straws going to waste every year.

Indeed, it seems very likely that plastic straws, among other things, will be subject to a ban sometime next year. Theresa May has dubbed plastic waste as “one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world”.

At Us4slush we couldn’t agree more. We understand that customers want a spoon straw with their slush drink, and we are therefore proud to announce the introduction of our PLA spoon straws. As far as we know, we are the first slush company in Britain to supply these to our customers.

Our PLA spoon straws look exactly like plastic spoon straws and perform in the same way. They are single use spoon straws, so are perceived as totally hygienic by customers. However, as opposed to plastic straws, which are made out of petroleum, they are made from corn! They also require 68% less fossil fuels to produce than plastic straws, so benefit the environment in that way too. In an industrial composting site, they break down in 12 weeks, and in six months 90% of the material has been composted and can go back into the land to help new plants grow.

As the leading slush maker machine and slush syrup providers in the UK, we are proud to be at the forefront of this latest technology and supply only environmentally friendly spoon straws to our customers from now onwards.

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