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Slush Puppie is not the only Slush Drink Brand.



According to an article on Wikipedia (Here) The Brand Slush Puppie was created way back in the year 1970 by Will Radcliff (1939 – 2014). While sitting by their front door they came up with the name “Slush Puppie”. Also, sometimes spelt Slush Puppy by people searching Wikipedia.

According to the UK web site Slush Puppie claim to be the UKs favourite brand but is this true.
Well it certainly isn’t the only UK Brand or supplier. In Fact, a quick search on Google (other search engines available) you will of course find many other brands. For example, Us 4 Slush Limited has been manufacturing the Sir-Lush Brand of slush drink since 2004 and has one of the largest slush concentrate factories in the UK.

Are there other brands of slush drink like Slush Puppie in the UK?

Yes there are many others. SnowShock in Newcastle claim on their web site that they have been supplying slush drinks since 2003. At the time of writing they were showing more than 10 different flavours of Slush drinks that look similar to Slush Puppie.

Mr Slush Slush Drinks.
On the web site they also claim to have been selling Slush drinks syrup for many years. Again, when you read the description and look at the images it all seems similar to the genuine Slush Puppie Brand.

Mr Coolit

According to their web site they have been selling slush syrup mand slush machines for many years too. We will talk about Slush machines in a moment.

So, Slush Puppie is not the only brand then?

It seems not, although they were probably the first a quick internet search showed many more were available. And remember the first or the biggest does not mean the best in any product.
The very best slush drink is down to individual opinions.

Are all Slush Puppie machines the same?

There is isn’t a thing called a Slush Puppie Machine. Just Slush Drinks machines with different branding. The company known as Slush Puppie just buy Slush machines from a Slush Machine manufacture with their own Slush Puppie branding on.
Just like all the other slush drink concentrate suppliers. If you look at the web sites of all the different slush syrup companies, they all provide similar machines.

Which Slush machine should I Buy?

This is the golden question and there are many things to consider. How much space do you have?
How much do you want to spend? What Branding would you like? Sir-Lush or Slush Puppie.

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