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Summer is coming and it’s nearly time to get your slush machine out on storage. Give it all a good clean ready for the coming year and don’t forget to get stocked up with slush concentrate.
Us 4 Lush Limited are standing by for you new orders. We are the manufacture of more than 20 flavours of delicious slush concentrate. The top flavour of slush drink is defiantly blue raspberry followed closely by strawberry. Children especially like blue raspberry slush drinks because it turns their tongue blue. However, all our slush flavours taste great and sell really well. Who doesn’t like lemon and lime? It tastes truly great with lots of sweetness and a hint of citric to waken your taste buds. How about being a little daring but trying our sour range? With Sour cherry Slush, and sour apple slush both being a real winner with teenagers after school. These sour flavours of slush drink have proved to be a real winner when faced with competition as serving something a little different helps the retailer in the popularity ratings. Plus, when you are serving the very best quality to your customers they will keep returning for more. For those hot summer days, we have some great tropical flavours to choose from including our refreshing pineapple, our exotic mango with its bright orange colour. Our mango is probably the most favourite slush among the older customers. OH! Lets not forget passion fruit slush drinks. The name says it all here! When you slurp a passion fruit slush through the straw its just like taking in a huge slurp of love. The flavour burst from this is almost sensual (if it’s possible to say that about a slush drink?) Of course you could brighten up your evening with an alcoholic slush drink. All you have to do is buy a medium cup of sir-lush slush drink from your nearest retailer and ad a 25ml shot of either vodka or gin. Perfect!

Slush drink by Sir-lush, perfect

A perfect day for a ice cold cup of Sir-Lush Slush drink

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