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How do you make slush concentrate?

We get asked this question all the time and the answer is simple, we make our slush concentrate in our factory! Our factory in Poole, Dorset was purpose built in 2011 we mostly brand-new premium quality equipment from all over the world. It took a lot of planning using the best engineers based in the UK. Making slush syrup in small quantities is not that difficult but when you up-scale to batches of 4000 litres of slush concentrate is all gets a little more complicated.

For example, heating water for the process is not as simple as boiling a kettle at home. When heating around 2000 litres of water to the exact temperature and holding it at that temperature while other ingredients are added takes an industrial sized steam boiler. The steam boiler we use can output 100 tonnes of steam per hour (though I have never worked out how they weigh steam ๐Ÿ˜Š)

The mixing we use for blending the slush syrup holds 4000 litres of product. The jacketed slush mixing tank is 3.8 metres high and about 2.5 metres wide and weighs about 600kg. It has 3 special mixers for blending the slush syrup. One on the top, one through the bottom and one that is also a pump / mixer that circulates the slush product while being mixed. Once the slush mix is finished its processed it is transferred by a special pump through an inline infusion pipe that adds the flavour and colour as is passes.

Once the slush concentrate has been transferred to your favourite flavour of delicious slush drink it is then filled into 5 litre bottles by one of our fully automatic bottle filling lines. These slush syrup filling lines can fill around 480 5 litre bottles of slush per hour each.

This makes us 4 slush one of the biggest slush bottling companies in the UK.
This gives us the opportunity to contract fill for other slush syrup companies which is something we do everyday for many companies all over Europe.


How to make slush syrup or slush concentrate
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