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Preferred by retailers of all sizes Us 4 Lush Limited is fast becoming the UKs premier slush drinks supplier. Producing over 20 flavours of premium quality slush flavours giving more choice than any other brand. Plus, at unbeatable prices that give the retailer the lions share of the profit, its an obvious choice for the retailer. So now the retailer is making profit on Slush drinks sales how about their customers? Well our retailers are constantly telling us that their customers keep coming back for more. This is because of Sir-Lush keeps its full flavour right to the last drop. Its been a common discussion regarding slush drinks where the so-called big brand just has no flavour at all! After a few slurps the flavour and colour are gone leaving the customer disappointed. This can leave a negative affect on other sales too. After all, if you buy a product from a shop that does not meet your satisfaction then this could put you off buying other products from that shop. That’s why our retailers are choosing to stock the very best on offer, and that is sir-lush slush concentrate manufactured and supplied by Us 4 Slush Limited. When you need more slush syrup or concentrate for your slush drinks machine then make sure you only buy a premium quality product.
Sir slush slush syrup concentrate is available in Spain.

sir lush lemon slush syrup from Us4slush

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