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At Us4slush we are the leading providers of slush syrups in the UK. In fact we have 20 different flavours of slush syrup for sale, including the two biggest sellers which are strawberry and blue raspberry. However, we don’t stop there, and other big sellers are lemon and lime, orange, cherry cola, Caribbean cruise, Cola, mango, pineapple, peach, and many more.

There are still some retailers who don’t fully understand the power of having a slush drinks machine in the shop. It promotes impulse sales of slush drinks just by sitting on the counter. You don’t have to put it on the counter – some retailers choose to put it on a stand by the door – but wherever it is people will see it and want to buy an ice cold slush drink, especially in the heatwave we are enjoying this summer. Our existing slush customers are having a field day with slush. However, even in winter sales are steady.

Imagine you have a newsagent’s and all the school children pile in at school-out time. One buys a slush drink and suddenly they all want one. You can easily take £20 or £30 in the space of ten minutes – 85% of it profit!

However, it doesn’t stop there. Your customers soon get to know you have a slush machine so they come into the shop specifically to get a slush drink. While they are there they might see a magazine and buy it, or a packet of cigarettes or sweets, so your slush machine has now started to create other impulse sales.

This works in any store where there is a steady footfall. OK, if you own a funeral parlour or a carpet shop you really won’t have the footfall, but very many retail outlets will. You don’t even have to own a retail shop: you could install one in a library for example. People go in to borrow a book or return one, or just sit down and use one of the computers. Why not sell them slush drinks at the same time?

Another idea that we have thought of is taking a stall at one of the many fairs and markets that are run up and down the country every week in the summer: on a hot day you would have a steady stream of customers queueing up, desperate for a cold drink.

At Us4slush we now have a way in which you can get a slush machine that effectively costs you nothing. When you buy a slush machine from us we will GIVE you, free of charge, enough Sir-Lush syrups, cups, and straws to cover the cost of the machine. Once you have sold that initial batch you have got your machine for nothing, and it’s profit all the way from then on!

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