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I keep seeing slushie machines around town and I want one. Slushie is a cool frosty ice drink called slush. Slushie is manufactured by the Brand Sir-Lush who happen to make the best slush mix around.
So if you are looking for a great tasting slushie drink you need to find a slushie retailer.
With over 9000 stores with a slush machine from Sir-Lush wherever you are you are sure to find your favoirite slushie mix drink nearby. I was in London last week and came across several shops that had a slush machine installed. I went into one of these shops and was happy to find that they had Sir-Lush slushie in their machine.
I bought a Blue Raspberry Slush first because everybody know that Raspberries are blue right?
Well I have to say its one of the best Slushie experiences I have had in a long time, in fact I think I’ll go and get another one right now.
Next on the menu was a Strawberry Slushie, it was red! Strawberry red! How could that be?
Are strawberry slushies always red?  I think they must be because I have not found a different one yet.

I am travelling by train to Manchester tomorrow to visit the big John Lewis there. I don’t think John Lewis sells Sir-Lush Slushies but I know I will find a small retailer with a CAB Slush Machine that does.
I think I will start to travel around the country trying to find the other flavours of Sir-Lush slushie because I have been told there are over 20 available.

Have you tried Cherry Slushie from Sir-Lush?
It taste just like those cherry sweets we used to have when I was a kid. That brought back some great memories of drinking slushie in the park.

A slushie from Sir-Lush is the only one for me
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