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Where can you buy Slush concentrate online? Our high-quality Slush syrup is available on our web site or if you prefer you can purchase over the phone. With 20 flavours of slush concentrate available we have something to please everyone. Among our top flavours are Strawberry, a sure winner with all ages and our Blue Raspberry (because everybody knows Raspberries are blue right?).

But let’s not forget we have lots of other great flavours to choose from too. Mango, you won’t believe how much Mango slush concentrate we sold last year, and we are hoping to do the same this year. When you have a 3-bowl slush machine the most important thing is make sure you have three different colours. For example, if you had a strawberry and a cherry displayed together because they are both red, albeit different shades, it doesn’t look quite spectacular as having say a red and an orange together.

So, with a three-bowl slush machine the best practice is to display three different colours. With your next order how about treating your customers to some different slush concentrates for some different slush drinks. As has already been said the top performers are Strawberry and Blue raspberry. Now try to imagine the psychedelic affect when adding a bright red, a vibrant blue and a dazzling orange mango. The colour combinations are endless and a different colour every week can only help to increase your popularity and in turn increase your sales. More sales equal more profits. Now is the time to clean up your slush machine and get ready for the summer with new exciting flavours to offer your customers. Visit our web site soon where you can buy online over twenty flavours of slush concentrate fully branded slush drink cups and don’t forget the straws!

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