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What is a Bag In Box or BIB?

A bag in box (BIB) is a specific type of packaging for liquid products made up of: a cardboard box, a valve and a bag. The bag is made up of several layers that protect the product from light and oxygen.

Its main advantage is that once opened, by preventing the entry of air, the container keeps the product fresh for a long period, thus allowing the consumption period to be extended for a longer time.


We are pleased to announce that our 🔝 4 best selling flavours of Sir-Lush™ slush drink syrup, plus 2 brand new flavours, are now available in our ❗️NEW❗️ 10 litre Bag-in-Box format. What´s more, with our incredible low prices, this means even higher profits for you, our customers!
Bag-in-Box (BIB) is ideal for Standard Slush ✅ Fizzy Slush ✅ Auto-fill Machines ✅ Carbonated Soft Drinks ✅

Sir Lush Bottles Vs Sir Lush BIB – What are the differences?

5 Litre Bottles:
✅20+ Flavours to choose from.
✅Suitable for all makes of slush machines.
✅Dilute with water at a ratio of 6:1
✅£11.90 per bottle. Quantity discounts available.
10 Litre BIB:
✅6 Flavours to choose from.
✅Watermelon & Mixed Fruit flavours only available as BIB.
✅Other flavours available in half pallet & full pallet quantities.
✅Suitable for all makes of slush machines.
✅Ideal for auto refill machines, post mix carbonated drinks, and fizzy slush machines.
✅Dilute with water at a ratio 6:1
✅£22.50 per box. Quantity discounts available.
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