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We are proud to be the UK agent for the Italian made CAB slush machines, commercial slush machines that have proven their reliability over many years! We have continued stocking the CAB slush machine since 2005 because of their simplistic mechanics and lack of troublesome electronics. What´s more, they are very easy to clean and maintain. A slush machine that is kept clean and well maintained will last many years and will give you, and your business, a good return on your investment. What more could you want? We import the slush machines directly from the CAB factory in Italy and they arrive to our facilities on pallets as you can see in the photo on the right.

Once we receive the slush machines, they are stored in our warehouses, ready to ship out to their new home immediately as soon as a new customer order arrives. All our slush machine packages include free start-up stock of Sir Lush slush syrup, cups, straws, and POS merchandise. We place your order on a pallet, well packaged and protected, each pallet contains the slush machine and the free stock. In the photo below you can see a number of our slush machine packages, all ready to be picked up by the shipping agent, and transported to a retailer, whether that be a convenience store, fish & chip shop, or pub/bar/restaurant, just to name a few.

Our slush machines, and other pallet orders are provided on a kerbside delivery service. This means that the delivery agent is not contracted or insured to carry goods into your premises. It is therefore important to please ensure you have staff available to receive the delivery and move the goods safely into your premises on the delivery day. We have created a PDF which clearly explains how your slush machine package will arrive and how to unpackage your order safely and correctly, please click here to access the PDF and the information.

We are often asked what is the expected economic life of the slush machine? well the simple answer is 10 years or more! If you take care of it, keep it clean, and well maintained, there is no reason why you should not expect 10 years plus from your slush machine. It really is a great investment and can help generate those all important impulse sales for your business!

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