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Who sells cheap slush machines?
We don’t supply Cheap unusable slush machines because its false economy for the retailer.
We also do not sell so called reconditioned slush machines for the same reason.
When you invest money in your retail business you want reliability with good professional aesthetics and high profit. You also need to ensure its not going to break down just when you need it.
The problem with cheap second hand or reconditioned slush machines is that’s likely what is going to happen.
How old is this cheap slush machine?
This is something you will never know when buying a cheap second hand or reconditioned slush machines. In our experience they are mostly over ten years old and by that time they are a little tired. Getting parts for an old slush machine could be difficult too!
Who sells parts for my Slush machine?
This is a problem, buying parts for old slush machines can be difficult. You will often not know the make of the slush machine or if you do then what model is it. If it is an old machine are the parts compatible with a new slush machine.
What about reconditioned slush drinks machines, is that not like a new?
No, Reconditioned just means that your old slush machine has a good clean up and a few parts replaced. But even then these are often not new parts. Old slush machines that are beyond economic repair and parts taken from these are used in second hand and reconditioned machines.

How long will a brand new slush machine last?
Just like any mechanical item eventually components will wear out and need replacing. But as long as the machine is looked after and kept in tip top condition there is no reason why it should not last at least 10 years. Perhaps more.

Skyline 3 black commercial slush machine from Us4slush

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