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Many of our loyal customers are Convenience Stores, just one of many small businesses which are the backbone of our communities throughout the country. There are approximately 47,000 convenience stores in the UK, and our Sir Lush slush machines help these businesses to generate those all important impulse sales. Whilst sales will inevitably dip during the winter months, that does not mean that slush sales stop completely. For this reason, many Convenience Stores keep their machines switched on all year round.

A Convenience Store, also known as a Corner Shop, is a small, usually independent, retail business that stocks a variety of everyday products such as coffee, tobacco, snack foods, groceries, soft drinks, toiletries, newspapers and magazines. Some also have a license allowing them to sell alcohol such as beer, wine, and spirits. What makes them different to a conventional supermarket, is that Convenience Stores normally have longer opening hours, serving more locations.

Retailers are always looking to increase conversions in their stores. Without doubt, a well-positioned slush machine, in plain view of your customers, can help generate and boost impulse sales. When investing in a drinks machine, retailers consider three major factors, versatility, affordability, and profitability. Us 4 Slush ticks all these boxes. Slush drinks are incredibly versatile, appealing to both children and adults alike. At Us 4 Slush we offer both 2 & 3 bowl options, as well as more than 20 slush syrup flavours to choose from, so the flavour combinations, and possibilities are endless. All our syrups have bright, vibrant colours, which when swirling in a slush machine easily captures a customer´s attention with the end goal objective being an impulse sale.

To get the best from their slush machines, retailers must ensure that they are positioned in a prominent location. When coupled with the correct POS, such as flags, posters, and an eye catching pavement stand, for example, this creates the perfect environment to generate high profit impulse sales. You cannot underestimate the importance of POS to draw the customer´s attention towards the slush machine, which is why we provide accessories for advertising and merchandising free of charge with every slush machine purchase.

For more information about our 2 & 3 Bowl Slush Machine Packages, please click here.


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