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Premium Wholesale Slush Cups

Slush cups printed with the Sir-Lush logo available in 4 sizes with optional dome lids.
To be used with Sir-Lush drink syrups only.

Low cost slush machines exclusive to us 4 slush
20 flavours of slush syrup Sir-Lush slush drinks
Superior branded slush cups from us 4 slush
So which cups should you choose to serve your slushie drinks

So which cups should you choose to serve your slushie drinks in and how much should you be charging for your slushie drinks? This is an often asked question and the answer is not the same for every slushie retailer. Our most popular size slush drinks cup is 10oz. This slush cup is about half a pint and a good size for adults and children. We have said that the 10oz slush drink cup retails for about £1.00 but it really depends on what sort of retail outlet you are selling the slushies from. £1.00 is a good price for a local type retail shop that is serving the same customers on a regular basis. The chldren will often have a £1.00 coin as pocket money and this will give maximum profit. Retailers in other areas like shopping centres and family attractions can often ask more money for the slush drink. For the very small customers a 7oz cup is a good size. A 7oz slushie cup will easily sell for a minimum of £0.86p. This slush drink size is ideal for the smaller children to drink. Again if your serving slush drinks from a shopping centre or family attraction then a higher price can be achieved. The bigger slush cups are for the captured market where higher prices can be charged for a slush drink. Bowling alleys, cinemas and zoos are among our customers that serve this size of slushie drink. When we send a new slush machine we normally send 10oz slush cups as these are the most popular.

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