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Q. Why does Sir-Lush Syrup cost less than other companies found on the Internet?
A. There are many responses to this, Us 4 Slush Limited is among the largest independent manufactures of drinks syrups in the UK.
The key word here is “manufacture”, some of our competitors do not make the syrup themselves but have it made for them under license.
In fact we manufacture for other companies as well, obviously we would not be able to reveal the companies we produce for and it is not exactly the same formula but the chances are you have seen these products offered elsewhere.
So, buying direct from the factory cuts out the profits made by agents and middle men. Buying slush syrup direct from the manufacture makes sound financial sense.
(Also, we are just not greedy)

Q. How does the taste quality compare to other slush syrup.
A. Its not easy to quantify taste and quality because everybody has different preferences, however, I will take the “Pepsi challenge” against any
brand out there, big or small. We have thousands of retailers selling our product and they keep coming back for more and thats because their customers keep coming back for more too. If this was not the case we would not survive in business. The owner (David) has been in the industry since 1988 and the company, established in 2004 has been growing year on year ever since.

Q. I have been told that cheap ingredients can damage my machine, is that true?
A. Yes it is true especially if you do not follow the manufactures instructions. Our syrup is diluted at a ration of 1 part syrup to 6 parts water. At this ratio the constancy and BRIX levels will be exactly right to ensure your machine can cope with the work load. Some brands have different syrup to water ratios and these companies try to tell you that a lower ratio is better quality. This is nonsense, after dilution the BRIX levels will be about the same. Again, we have been manufacturing slush syrup for years and our syrup is top quality in all respects.

Q. What about the quality of the slush machines compared to other companies?
A. Since 1988 I have had dealings with all the big and small companies that manufacture slush machines and ice cream machines. I have owned and used machines from Taylor, Carpigiani, Ugolini, Bras, Bunn, Sencotel, SPM, CAB and many others too numerous to name, and the very best is? None of them, I am not going to go down the same road as some of my competitors and start making unfounded claims about any particular machine, they are all good, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are just more expensive than others. We have continued stocking the CAB slush machine since 2005 because of their simplistic mechanics and lack of troublesome electronics and they are very easy to clean and maintain. A slush machine that is kept clean and well maintained will last many years and give a good return on your investment.
What more could you want?

Q. Where are your machines made?
A. ITALY! DEFINITELY NOT CHINA Italian refrigeration is so good it is copied around the world. Even some machines from China, USA and other European countries have Italian components in them. Italy is the UN-disputed world leader in manufacturing slush machines. So wherever you buy your slush machine make sure its MADE IN ITALY.*

Q. What is the expected economic life of the slush machine?
A. 10 years + if you take care of it. Keep it clean and well maintained and there is no reason why you should not expect 10 years plus from your slush machine.

Q. We found a company that offers an on-site warranty, why don’t you?
A. We do. We also offer a full on site warranty and an extended parts warranty for life, we just do not use the word “Free” because it is very mis-leading. Compare the price of any machine on the market offering this type of warranty and you will find the price hugely inflated to cover the cost.
Here at Us 4 Slush we offer you a choice, if you want to upgrade to a full on-site warranty with extended parts warranty the price is £450. which still makes us cheaper than the rest plus, we are the only slush machine supplier that includes the compressor and gas in its on-site warranty.

Q. What happens if my machine breaks down under the standard warranty?
A. First we will do all we can to sort this out over the phone. We have all the major parts in stock and can be dispatched for delivery for the next day. That is faster than any engineer will get there under any other warranty. On the rare occasion that the machine has to be returned to Us 4 Slush for repair we will arrange everything.

Q. If the machine has to be returned for repair how much will it cost.
A. It will cost you nothing if the machine is under warranty. We will arrange the collection and re delivery of your slush machine.

Q. How long will it take to get my machine back when I send it for repair.
A. Maximum of 5 working days. If we cannot repair it that quick we will lend you another machine free of charge.
No other slush machine company matches that.

*An opinion based on 30 years experience. There has been some great equipment made in other countries, Italy is world famous for this type of equipment.
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