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Mixing tanks for making slush drinks syrup
Slush syrup is moved by a special pump
Bottling slush drinks syrup

How do we make our Sir-Lush syrups?
Lots of people ask us how we make our slush syrup and the answer is simple.
We make it in our factory using the finest ingredients for making slush drinks.

The giant slush syrup mixers.
To make our Slush syrup we first need to put all the ingredients in one of our giant mixers,

We have three giant mixers and two smaller mixers. The biggest makes 4000 ltrs of Sir-Lush slush syrup then we have one that makes 3000 ltrs and one that makes 1500 ltrs of slush syrup. These three giants are heated with steam and cooled by a giant cooler.

These mixers are dedicated to making our most popular flavours and during the summer months they work very hard capable of producing up to 4000 bottles of delicious Strawberry and Blue Raspberry slush every day.

The smaller mixers of 300 ltrs each are used to make other flavours and to produce smaller batches for our own label customers.

The Slush drinks syrup pump
When we have made the slush syrup in our mixers we send it via a special pump to a 1000 ltr balance tank where it is then delivered to one of our two bottling plants.

The Slush syrup bottling machine.
We have 2 filling and capping lines, at the end of each line there is an automatic print and apply labelling machine.
Our slush syrup bottling machine automatically fills 4 x 5 litre bottles at a time and can fill 8 bottles per minute so with both bottling plants working we can bottle around 4800 litres of slush syrup per hour or 2 articulated trucks per day.

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