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Slush machine instruction videos by Us4slush.com

Below is a selection of instruction videos designed to help you use, and understand your slush machine. We at us4slush.com know how frustrating it can be when your slush machine goes wrong and the odds are this only happens during the weekend or Bank Holidays.
We feel it’s a really good idea to understand how your slush machine works and learn how to deal with problem when they occur.
We have included videos from simply getting started with your slush machine when you first get it through to general maintenance to keep it in top condition and instructions for your engineer or competent person to help in the repair

Lets get started! How to use your slush machine

This short video is useful for staff training for the first time they use the slush drinks machine so everyone knows what to do right from the start.

Adjusting the consistency of the Slush Drink

Remember, you are serving an icy semi liquid drink not Ice Cream.
Adjust the consistancy regulator on your Slush Machine to serve your customers with the perfect slush drink experience.

How to clean your slush Drink Machine

It is very important to keep your slush machine clean. This should be carried out once a week if using a water based product or every three days when using a dairy based product like milk shake

To avoid future freezing problems keep the condenser clean

This should be carried out once a month to avoid future freezing problem. It only takes 10 minutes and is very easy to do. If this task has been neglected on your slush machine then the condenser may need a more detailed clean. We have another instruction video about this too.

Slush machine taking a long time to freeze.

If your Slush Machine is taking longer to freeze than normal its possibly a blocked condenser. This happens when the condenser is not cleaned regularly as indicated in the video above.
This video gives instruction on how to deep clean the condenser and give your slush machine a new lease of life.

One bowl on a slush machine is not freezing

When one bowl on your slush machine is not freezing correctly its usually a mechanical problem and not necessarily a problem with the refrigeration system. Checkout this video before calling a refrigeration engineer.

How to dry test a slush machine.

Dry testing a slush machine can be a quick way to diagnose problems with the refrigeration system and our engineer may ask you to do this before deciding on further action. Don’t panic! It’s easy.

How to change the gearbox motor when one bowl is not turning

If one bowl is not turning its proberbly a gearbox malfunction.
They are really easy to change and this video will show you how.

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