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slush machine cleaning

slush machine cleaning, It’s important that the slush machine is thoroughly cleaned at least once a week when serving a water-based product like slush or every 2 – 3 days if serving a dairy based product like this milk shake. Watch the short video above outlining exactly how to clean your slush machine.
Th e machine needs to be completely empty before you start. The slush machine bowls need to be removed and washed using detergent. It is important that when reassembling your slush machine, you must use food grade lubricant on the seals. This will help prolong the life of the seals and avoid leakage. For a full description on how to clean a CAB Faby or Skyline slush machine please read the user manual provided with the machine when it was delivered. If you have lost the user manual for your slush machine, please do not panic. They are available on our web site www.us4slush.com .
Also available in Spanish www.us4slush.es

slush machine cleaning Clean your slush machine every week
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