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Sir-Lush Strawberry Slush Syrup:

Us 4 Slush strawberry slush syrup is made in a UK purpose built modern factory and all the ingredients for the strawberry slush syrup are carefully selected to ensure a quality assured product. This will ensure a correct consistency when diluted and so protect your slush machine from damage.

Sir-Lush slush drinks are known by all of our customers as being the one slush drink that keeps its flavour to the last drop and that is important to the consumer. When ordering all flavours can be mixed too! 120 medium sized cups can be produced from a 5 litre bottle, containing a mixture of 1 part syrup to 6 parts water. The icy strawberry slush comes in a box of four 5 litre bottleand  our prices below are based on realistic prices that are charged by similar businesses in the industry strawberry slush syrup

Strawberry Slush syrup or slush concentrate supplied by us 4 slush limited

Strawberry Slush Syrup

5ltr bottle of Slush Syrup.
Flavour: Strawberry
Brand Sir-Lush
Condition New
Price excluding vat £14.00
Price including vat £16.80
Status: in stock

Sir-Lush superior quality Strawberry Slush Syrup is our number #1 best seller and a national favourite. Thirst quenching with a mouth-watering fresh strawberry taste, each 5 litre bottle can make 120 regular 300ml Slush drinks, delivering immediate profits. Both adults and children of all ages love the flavour burst that comes from the sir-lush slush syrup drink.
As our flagship flavour we’ve taken time to master an irresistible strawberry slush. Fine tuned using focus groups consisting of children of all ages, we know that only high quality slush sells, which is why we offer you only the very best products. Our special formulas deliver maximum taste and colour down to the last drop and actually protects your slush machines moving parts, helping extend its life and increasing your return on investment.
With profits in excess of 85% our slush syrup is probably the most profitable in the country.
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