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First of all you may be wondering what is an IBC? An intermediate bulk container (or IBC) is a pallet mounted, industrial grade container that is used for storing and transporting bulk liquids and powders. It is capable of stacking and can be moved by a pallet jack or forklift. Some common uses for IBCs are for transporting and storing; chemicals, solvents, pharmaceuticals, liquids, food ingredients, sand, and grains.

At Us 4 Slush, as well as quantity discounts for half pallet and full pallets of Sir Lush slush syrup, we now offer a unique opportunity to create your own brand that you can package yourself.

Our syrup is now available in IBCs of 1000 litres. You can simply choose any of our incredible flavours, create your own, or even better just order a neutral base where you can add your own flavour in smaller quantities.

Now for some important technical information

Our IBCs are big and heavy. Their dimensions are as follows
H 1163 x L1200 x 1000 – Gross weight 1250kg. Bottom Outlet – 50mm (2 inches) integrated butterfly valve – S60x6 male thread with a screw cap Top Inlet – 150mm (6 inch) non-vented cap.

For more information regarding our IBC 1000 litres of slush syrup please click here.

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