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At Us 4 Slush we are always looking to grow and improve as a company. We like to listen to our customers, and welcome your feedback on our service and products. To that end, we have added 2 new fabu-slush flavours to our already vast range of Sir Lush slush syrups. Without further ado, please welcome Watermelon 🍉 and Mixed Fruit 🍇 to the Sir Lush slush syrup family! We are confident that they will be a big hit with your customers in 2021!
Both flavours are now available to order in our new 10 litre Bag-in-Box format, which makes them suitable for Standard Slush, Fizzy Slush, as well as Autofill and Manual fill machines.
Us 4 Slush offers over 20 popular Sir Slush syrup flavours to choose from, ensuring something for literally every taste. Our top selling flavours in the UK are Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry, followed closely by Lemon & Lime, and Mango. In contrast, in Spain our number one selling flavour is without doubt Spanish Lemon. Its tangy flavour, combined with its citric burst is proving to be a real hit amongst the customers!
Sir-Lush slush drinks syrup is diluted with water at a ratio of 6:1 This means what ever you use as a measure fill it once with syrup then six times with water. To make it easier we can supply mixing bottles with level marks on. Just pour syrup to the bottom line then fill with water to the top line.

If you have one of our 5ltr bottles empty you could even make a mixing bottle yourself. Using a kitchen measuring jug measure 750ml of syrup and pour it into the empty bottle. Using a marker pen draw a line along the syrup level. Now draw a line at the shoulder of the bottle (not the very top). That’s it, simple, you are good to go!

To check out our full range of Sir Lush slush syrups please click here.

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