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Not all slush is the same! Too right, Sir Lush is now even better.
New Formula Slush Syrup – Velvety texture – Flavour enhanced – no exterior frosting.

Flavour enhanced Slush Syrup concentrate form Us 4 Slush Limited.
The elves in our lab have been working hard behind the scenes to develop a slush drink with a wow factor. Sir-Lush slush syrup concentrate
has been reformulated to do just that. Sir-Lush Slush will linger on the tongue for longer to maximize the taste sensation.
In Fact the whole slush slurping experienced has been elevated to new levels of WOW!
With a new velvety texture your customers will be flocking back for more SIR-LUSH WOW! Slush drinks


New Formula Slush Concentrate.
Since the reduction of sugar due to the UK sugar tax most brands of slush have been experiencing an issue with exterior frosting of the slush machine.
This has been caused by a different temperature needed to freeze the product. Sir-Lush Slush syrups are the first and only company to address this issue.
We have re formulated our syrup giving a higher consistency of product. You will notice the difference in the slush syrup concentrate as soon as you open the bottle.
The new formula slush syrup concentrate is noticeably gloopier! (is there such a word?) It’s a slush syrup concentrate with a thicker consistency than any other slush syrup brand.


Sir-Slush WOW! Taste sensation
We have added flavour enhancement to give that unbeatable tongue tastic flavour burst like no other. Our SIR-LUSH slush syrup concentrate will wow your customers into coming back for more
and that can only mean more profit for the retailer. With our 20 flavours and more of Sir-Lush slush drink concentrate we have a flavour bursting slush drink for everyone. Plus if that’s
not enough we have made a tangy twist to our top selling flavours. You can now choose Strawberry lemonade Sir-Lush Slush concentrate and blue raspberry lemonade slush concentrate.

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