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The only way to serve a slush is with a spoon straw, and they are now back in stock! However, did you know that the earliest examples of straws dates back to 3000 BC, when the Sumerians, used straws to drink beer. The vats they used to brew the beer were too heavy to lift and pass around, so instead they sat on the floor and drank from long straws together.

A spoon straw, also known as a “stroon“, is exactly as it sounds, a straw with a spoon on the end – perfect for drinking (and eating) Sir Lush slush drinks, as well as, thick smoothies, milk shakes, ice creams, and frozen cocktails!

Sold in packs of 1000 units for just £19.95, you can purchase yours by clicking here. A spoon straw is a great addition to any restaurant, bar, fish & chip shop, or concession stand, and they are sure to be a big hit with your customers this season. Pick some up today along with your Sir Lush slush syrup order!


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