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At Us 4 Slush we offer slush machine packages to cater for all needs. All our slush machines are manufactured by CAB Spa, a leading manufacturer of the best commercial grade slush dispensers. We have tested many machines from different manufactures over the past 30 years and in our opinion the CAB range of slush machines are the best in its class. We offer 2 & 3 bowl options from the Skyline range, and we have two models available, the Standard CAB Skyline, and the Express CAB Skyline. So what is the difference between the two, you may ask?

With a 1100w Compressor (1400w 3 bowl) the Skyline Express slush machine has a faster recovery time than the Standard Skyline counterpart. This means during a busy period after a top up it will be ready to serve again more quickly. The Express dispensers are designed for warmer climates across Europe, so are able to cope better on the rare hot days we have in the UK. Please note, despite claims from some suppliers of a freeze down time of only 20 minutes, during our own rigorous testing the actual freeze down time of the Express was about 40 minutes. This makes it only a little faster than the Standard Skyline. However, when both machines were half emptied and refilled with fresh liquid the Express was ready to serve again in half the time of the Standard Skyline.

During our testing we set up a brand-new Skyline Standard 2 bowl slush machine and a brand new Skyline Express 2 bowl too. The ambient temperature was 19°c. Both machines were filled to maximum with Sir Lush slush mix from the same batch, and the consistency regulators were set at the same low level.  Both machines were set running at the same time. The Express was ready to serve in 45 minutes and the Standard Skyline was ready to serve in 55 minutes. Both slush machines were left running for 3 hours when they were then half emptied to minimum liquid level. This was done to replicate a busy period, for example a school day ending and lots of students suddenly entering the shop. The machines were then refilled with fresh slush mix. The Express was ready to serve again in less than 5 minutes and the Standard Skyline was about 12 minutes.

You can check out the full range of our slush machine packages by clicking here. All our packages include FREE Sir Lush syrup, cups, straws, and POS, enough stock to recoup your initial outlay.

Fast freeze Italian made CAB two bowl Slush Puppie machine.

Express Skyline 2 Bowl Slush Machine


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