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What do retailers want from this sector? How are you meeting their needs?

Retailers are always looking to increase conversions in their stores. Without doubt, a well-positioned slush machine, in plain view of your customers, can help generate and boost impulse sales. When investing in a drinks machine, retailers consider three major factors, versatility, affordability, and profitability. Us 4 Slush ticks all these boxes. Slush drinks are incredibly versatile, appealing to both children and adults alike. At Us 4 Slush we offer both 2 & 3 bowl options, as well as more than 20 slush syrup flavours to choose from, so the flavour combinations, and possibilities are endless. All our syrups have bright, vibrant colours, which when swirling in a slush machine easily captures a customer´s attention with the end goal objective being an impulse sale.

We understand that for many retailers, investing in a drinks machine is an important financial decision, which is why we offer attractive packages to help reduce the risk. We want our customers to succeed, so making our slush machines as affordable as possible is in the interest of both parties. We only sell the very best Italian Cab slush machines that have proven their reliability over many years. Moreover, all our slush machines are supplied with enough free stock of syrup, cups, straws, and POS, to make sure that the investment quickly pays for itself.

At Us 4 Slush Ltd, we manufacture our own Sir Lush slush syrup in our fresh and fully automated factory.  Buying direct from a factory makes perfect financial business sense for retailers when choosing a reliable supplier, as you save money by cutting out the middle men, agents and box movers. This makes our slush machines very cost effective and inexpensive to keep stocked and ready to serve. With our medium size cup and straw, for example, the cost to the operator is around 16p per serving, but can be sold for anything between £1 and £1.50, making it one of the most profitable assets a shop can have!

Is the public backlash against plastic set to change the market? How are you taking into account people’s concerns?

With a ban on single-use plastics, including plastic straws, imminent in the UK, as well as consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, it is inevitable that the drinks machines market will have to adapt to these changes. We take environmental issues very seriously and are always on the lookout for viable alternatives, especially when it comes to plastic. We were one of the first slush suppliers in the UK to offer our customers PLA (polylactic acid) spoon straws. PLA straws look and feel just like plastic but are instead made from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane. They have proven to be a hit with our customers, along with our cardboard straws and branded paper cups. All of these environmentally friendly options offer our customers a realistic alternative to plastic at very competitive prices. Furthermore, and more importantly, these products are biodegradable and compostable, providing a sound solution to the ever increasing plastic problem which we all face.

How can retailers get the best from their machines?

To get the best from their slush machines, retailers must ensure that they are positioned in a prominent location. When coupled with the correct POS, such as flags, posters, and an eye catching pavement stand, for example, this creates the perfect environment to generate high profit impulse sales. You cannot underestimate the importance of POS to draw the customer´s attention towards the slush machine, which is why we provide accessories for advertising and merchandising free of charge with every slush machine purchase. Of equal importance, to prolong the life of their slush machine, it is essential that retailers maintain good hygiene practice. We stress that our slush machines must be kept clean and regularly lubricated, and offer our customers everything that they need, as well as informative step by step video guides, to ensure that their machines are well maintained. A well cared for machine, looking its very best, will not only increase its longevity, but will keep your customers coming back for more!

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