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Which Sir Lush slush flavours should I offer my customers? That indeed is the million dollar question, and one which we get asked regularly. If you have a 2 bowl slush machine, then you certainly won’t go wrong with Blue Raspberry and Strawberry . These 2 flavours are by far our best sellers in the UK, and a firm favourite with all ages. However, it must also be highlighted that we manufacture over 20 different flavours, and all sell well in varying degrees. Lemon & Lime is another good seller and our Caribbean Cruise (Tropical) is a real winner too. The important factor is that whatever flavours you opt for, be sure to have a mixture of colours swirling around in your slush machine to capture the customer´s attention!

We recently launched our new Bag-in-Box (BiB) format, and added two brand new flavours, Mixed Fruit and Watermelon, to our already vast range of slush syrups. We also have two Sir Lush concentrates which are exclusive to Us 4 Slush, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade. These are proving to be very popular with our customers up and down the country, as they offer a nice tangy alternative to our best sellers.

Sir Lush Slush Syrup

Our slush syrup is a quality assured product made in our fresh and fully-automated factory (check out the video below), ensuring we keep up with increasing demand. At the end of 2014 we moved premises and invested in a brand new fully automated production line. As a result we now manufacture over 600 five litre bottles of slush syrup per hour.

Whilst, in the UK, our best selling slush syrup flavours are Blue Raspberry and Strawberry, did you know that in Spain the best seller by a country mile is Lemon! We have produced a lush Spanish Lemon syrup (another exclusive to Us 4 Slush) to cater for the ever growing demand for Sir Lush slush syrups in the Spanish market. Refreshing and delicious, it is proving to be a real winner with our clients in Spain. Now available to our clients in the UK, it is well worth giving this flavour a try with your customers, you won´t regret it!

Slush Puppie Syrup
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