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For a limited period Sir-Lush Slush concetrate is available for only £5.45 per 5ltr bottle when one whole pallet of the same flavour is purchased. For more information Click Here

Slush Syrup for resale. Good profit margins and business opportunity.

The Spring and summer will come sooner than you think and when it does you want to have in stock everything your retail customers need to have a successful 2020.

Slush syrup is a sure winner for small independent retailers and getting last minute supplies can be challenging. Sure, we deliver and sure we can deliver quickly but the weather being in the habit of changing without notice retailers often get caught out.

Well a good cash and carry or wholesaler can save the day when they have supplies of Sir-Lush Slush concentrate on the shelf. Not only that its on the shelf at a price that not only matches but often beats buying direct from Us 4 Slush.

More and more cash & carry and wholesale businesses are stocking Sir-Lush slush concentrate and at a price that allows them to make a profit.

Buying bulk and only one delivery helps us keep the price down of Sir-Lush Slush syrup concentrate and this saving we pass on.

So, to get ready for another busy season this year Call Us 4 Slush Limited for the best deal for slush syrup for resale.
If you are a wholesaler call now on 01202 798100 for slush syrup supplies.

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