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Low cost slush machines exclusive to us 4 slush
20 flavours of slush syrup Sir-Lush slush drinks
Superior branded slush cups from us 4 slush

Slush Supplies: Commercial Slush Machine & Slush Syrups

Premium Slush Machine and Slush Syrup Supplier
The number 1 choice with independent slush retailers.
Sir-Lush as a slush brand has been going strong for over a decade and growing in popularity all the time.
Retailers love us because the profits are better than with any other slush brand on the market. Customers love us because Sir-Lush is an amazing slush drink that holds its colour and flavour to the last drop.
A slush drinks maker in your shop creates extra impulse sales.
20 popular Sir-Lush slush syrup flavours to choose from
We have 20 popular Sir-Lush slush mix flavours to choose from, ensuring something for literally every taste.
Our top-selling slush syrup flavours include ‘Strawberry’ and the UK’s biggest seller ‘Blue Raspberry ’.
Other great flavours of slushy drinks are Lemon & Lime, Super Slushy Cherry, Amazingly tasty Slushie Mango with the all important Slushie for the younger Puppy ‘Pink bubble-gum’. Visit our slush syrup page to see all the amazing slush mix flavours.
When you need slush supplies this is the one stop shop.
Fully automated production line to meet growing slush demand
Our slush syrup is a quality assured product made in our fresh and fully-automated factory, ensuring we keep up with increasing demand.
At the end of 2014 we moved premises and invested in a brand new fully automated production line. As a result we now manufacture over 600 5 litre bottles of slush syrup per hour.
The slush machines we supply are consistently tried and tested.
From the 10 litre 2 bowls to the big 10 litre 3 bowls, we have a slush machine to suit your retail needs.
Slush machines supplied with FREE stock
All our slush machines are supplied with enough stock to recoup your initial outlay.
A slush machine placed in a prominent position within your shop will result in an increase of impulse sales with high-profit margins.
A straight and honest service
At Us 4 Slush we don’t make claims about our slush products to impress you. You’re in business and you want straight and honest answers. We absolutely respect that. We don’t overinflate the RRP either to make it look more profitable than it is. The table below gives an indication of the RRP of a slush drink, based on prices charged by an average convenience store or take away.
Top deals for bulk slush buys
If you have the space in your storeroom, we can also offer incredible deals for bulk
buys, saving you even more cash.
RRP=Realistic Retail Price
The table below gives an indication of the Realistic Retail Price of a cup of slush based on
prices charged by an average convenience store or take away.
We are here to help
Whatever you need as a retailer to maximise sales and profits from your slush drink sales, we’re here to help. When it comes to slush accessories and slush drinks supplies we know we’re the best because everybody copies us.

Sir-Slush WOW! Taste sensation
We have added flavour enhancement to give that unbeatable tongue tastic flavour burst like no other. Our SIR-LUSH slush syrup concentrate will wow your customers into coming back for more and that can only mean more profit for the retailer. With our 20 flavours and more of Sir-Lush slush drink concentrate we have a flavour bursting slush drink for everyone.

There are lots of slush companies making big claims on the internet but Us 4 Slush is the only slush company that manufactures Slushy syrup concentrates for your slush maker. There are big profits to be made with a slush maker in your shop.

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