Slush Machines

We only sell the very best Italian made commercial slush machines that have proven their reliability over many years All our slush machines are supplied with everything you need and enough free stock to start making money. That includes slush syrup, slush cups, and slush straws. 12 Months Warranty, standard plug, no plumbing, no fuss, no false promises. A slush machine in a prominent location will produce high profit impulse sales


When will my new Skyline Slush drinks machine be delivered?

Here at Us 4 Slush we aim to deliver your new slush machine as soon as we can. After payment is received or the finance has been cleared we pack your New slush machine with all the slush flavours you requested, plus the branded slush cups with the straws, point of sale and slush drink posters. All within 24 hours. Everything is strapped on to a pallet and sent with our specialist fully insured carrier for delivery usually by 13:00 the next day.(Please note we do not guarantee next day delivery on any items)

How will my new Skyline slush drinks machine be delivered?

We strap your new CAB Skyline slush drinks machine onto a pallet with all your slush drinks supplies. There is more information about delivery and unpacking your slush machine here.

How easy is it to set up my new slush machine?

Here at Us 4 Slush Limited we want to make it quick and easy for you to start selling our delicious premium quality Sir-Lush brand slush drinks. We are the only slush supplies company that has taken the trouble to create easy to follow videos that show you how to get started with setting up your slush machine and how to clean your slush machine.
For a summary overview of operating instructions, watch the video below:

Where should I locate my new slush drinks machine to get the most sales?

To maximize impulse sales of this highly profitable slush product we at Us 4 Slush Limited advise you to locate your Sir-Lush Slush machine either near to the till or how about by the door!

Is Self-Serve a good idea?

Yes, Yes and YES! To maximize sales self-serve is the best way to sell Sir-Lush slush drinks. Just scan the bar code on the Sir-Lush branded slush drinks cup and hand it to your happy customer.

I see you don’t provide stands, what do I put it on?

There are so many shop fitting companies and shop furniture suppliers it isn’t something we can be competitive on. A strong stainless steel table can be found on the internet for under £100. Here’s a tip! Buy a 600 x 600 mm kitchen unit from your local kitchen specialist or DIY store. These are usually plenty strong enough for your slush machine.

How do I mix the syrup and water?

We have made this easy for you! With every CAB Skyline Slush machine we supply measuring bottles to prepare the syrup in. Just fill with syrup to the first line then fill with water to the water line and then pour it in the slush machine. Remember you must use the correct syrup to water ratio of 6-1. This means if you use 1 cup of syrup you use 6 cups of water. This will apply with whatever you use to prepare your slush drinks.

What do I do when the shop is closed?

The Sir-Lush Skyline Slush Drinks machine also has a night mode for when your shop is closed. The slush night mode just keeps the liquid cold but not frozen. We recommend you use the night mode when your shop is closed.

How often should I clean the slush machine?

Us 4 Slush recommends that your slush machine is thoroughly cleaned and lubricated at least once a week. Its easy to do if you watch our short film or read the easy to follow steps in the operator’s manual. If you are using your slush machine to make a dairy product like thick milk shakes, then the slush machine will need to be cleaned more often.

What other maintenance is needed?

Apart from keeping your slush machine clean there really isn’t any maintenance to do at all. Do not be fooled by offers of a service, there is no such thing apart from cleaning inside and out.

Can I put alcohol in the slush drink to make slushie cocktails?

We do not recommend putting alcohol in the Skyline slush machine as this will change the freezing characteristics of the product and could damage the machine. The best way to serve alcoholic slush is to put your shot in the glass then fill with Sir-Lush Slush drinks syrup.

What are the top flavours of slush drink?

If you have a 2 bowl Sir-Lush Slush machine then you won’t go wrong with Blue Raspberry slush and Strawberry slush. These 2 flavours are a firm favourite with all ages. However, all of our 20 or so flavours sell well in varying degrees. Lemon & Lime Slush is always a good seller and our Caribbean Cruise (tropical) is a real winner. The important this is whatever you choose be sure to have a mixture of colours is your slush machine.

Commercial slush machine

By installing a commercial slush machine at your business you will be astounded by the profits it will bring to your company. We have had customers say to us “Do I really need a commercial slush machine? I have seen a machine for sale with other suppliers that take up less counter space or has smaller bowls?” This is true we say, there are other slush maker machines in the market place that are smaller, but what each customer should remember is that demand for slush drinks always comes in quick demand with 20 school children or cinema goes arriving in your shop at once. If your slush maker machine only has bowls under 10 litres in size or worse still only has one bowl you will quickly find the machine cannot keep up with the supply of drinks required! Customers will not wait around for the machine syrup to be topped and the machine to have frozen down. It is imperative that prospective buyers investigate all suppliers of machines for sale to ensure each machine provides an adequate supply of slush for these unmissable sudden demand on slush supplies. Us 4 Slush Ltd do not sell and machine smaller than a double 10 litre bowl slush maker machine.